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Volunteer with Nethrodaya

Why Volunteer with Us?

Volunteering is a two-way street. While you contribute your time and effort, you also gain
inspiration from the resilience and strength of visually impaired individuals. Their stories and
achievements can inspire personal growth. Your efforts can directly impact the lives of
visually and physically challenged individuals, making a positive and lasting difference.

How to Volunteer?

Reach out to us at
Mobile Phone: +91-93828 96636, +91-97905 71788

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Get Involved

Nethrodaya immensely values your contribution to bring a positive change in life of a person with disabilities. We firmly believe in the philosophy of volunteering, which forms its operational core and making each volunteer act as a catalyst in altering the life of the disabled.


If you have passion to make a difference to the society, you can start by sharing your valuable time and skills with us.


We offer volunteering opportunities in the following broad areas of operations at Nethrodaya.

Direct Interaction with Students

  • Esteemed institution students can seek internship opportunities by reaching out.

  • Volunteer for reading to the visually impaired students.

  • Volunteer for scribe service for the students.

  • Conduct classes on communication (English), soft skills & personality development.

  • Teach music and  games and other activities to the students (chess).

Educational Support Services

  • Assist in recording various course materials for the visually impaired in Tamil

  • Assist in scanning course materials.

  • Conduct educational tours for the students.

  • Volunteering support for our functions and events such as chess and singing competitions


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Unique Donor-Mr.Dinesh

Mr. Dinesh M.D. of Kovai Pazhamudir Nilayam, a chain of vegetable shops in Chennai  continues to make a huge difference in the lives of visually impaired and differently-abled children of Nethrodaya. He donates farm fresh green vegetables and fruits daily to cater to the nutritional and healthy eating needs of the Nethrodaya family. A unique green donor, isn't

Sethuraman - School Boy turns Donor

As an 11th standard student, I intended to celebrate my birthday differently. All my friends wanted me to give them a treat, but I decided to go to Nethrodaya. I celebrated my birthday with the residents of Nethrodaya and I gave my pocket money to them. Im sure my contribution will support special children in a small way.

In a world where those with money find it difficult to contribute to the upliftment of the less privileged, Nethrodaya salutes the commitment shown by these noble souls.

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Unique Donor-Mrs. Muthu Rajam

A compassionate human being who lives to see not only her children happy and successful, but also the other underprivileged and differently-abled! A mother of two, she lost her husband early in life and struggled to provide even basic education for her children. With grit, determination, perseverance, and hard work, she succeeded in seeing both of them as
graduates with good overseas jobs. She saves the money that her children send her for monthly expenses and diligently donates to Nethrodaya month on month. This unselfish motive of giving whole-heartedly, without any expectation in return is praiseworthy indeed. Isn't she a unique donor with a big heart?!

Unique Donor

Hariprasad, a visually impaired boy has donated Rs.1,500 towards the cost of construction for square feet. His generosity and commitment to the visually impaired is laudable.

The suffering of those who lose eyesight in later years due to sickness is more acute compared to those who are born blind due to psychological factors.

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Three young men after completing their engineering degree decided to start a small-scale canteen in the neighborhood of Nethrodaya giving quality food at a reasonable price under hygienic conditions. Their teamwork and the penchant for quality made them popular in the area and they can meet their financial needs. They did not consider it below their dignity to run the small-scale canteen despite their good education. They came to know about Nethrodaya and its services for the welfare of the visually challenged and came forward spontaneously to donate the excess food prepared in their canteen to Nethrodaya regularly. 

Nethrodaya values this noble gesture of love and compassion for kind-hearted individuals like these educated youngsters and wishes them the very best for a bright future

Unique Volunteer-Mr.Harikumar time

In times when we see people struggling for a better paycheck, there are people like Mr.Harikumar who dare to go that extra mile and quit a high-paying corporate job to volunteer!
At the prime age of 50 with ten more financial earning years, Mr.Harikumar decided to invest his time, energy, and resources to serve the underprivileged and needy in our society. He relocated with his family to Chennai to serve Nethrodaya by reading lessons and writingassignments for the visually impaired students. Isn't he a unique volunteer?!

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Volunteer - Mr. SENTHIL KUMAR

We met Mr. Senthil Kumar during one of our official visits to the Pollution Control Board. Mr. Senthil Kumar who works as an Office Assistant showed keen interest in the activities of Nethrodaya and came forward to volunteer in his spare time and holidays. He enthusiastically donated a sum of Rs. 500 with a generous mind to share the little he has with those less privileged than him. Nethrodaya salutes the generosity and kindness of persons like Mr. Senthil Kumar who inspire young people to lend a helping hand to the disadvantaged sections of society.


Dr. C. SailendraBabu IPS is well known for his inspiring speeches and soul-stirring articles in leading magazines. He has written thought-provoking books for youngsters. He came to know of the yeomen services rendered by Nethrodaya and decided to donate the royalty amount from the publishers of one of his books. This act of compassion reveals his simplicity, contentment, and his deep concern for the welfare of the underprivileged.
Nethrodaya salutes Dr. C Sailendra Babu for his empathy and support for the visually impaired community.

The suffering of those who lose eyesight in later years due to sickness is more acute compared to those who are born blind due to psychological factors.

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Shanthi Aanand

As a supporting artist in the film industry from Vadapalani (Chennai), I recently volunteered to record audiobooks. Upon realizing these books are for visually challenged students, I visited the organization. I decided to donate 2,000 rupees towards feeding the residents. i'm happy to make a small contribution out of my meager income.

Volunteer Speaks
Aishwarya Ramesh

At 21, having just completed my engineering degree, I wanted to do something that would make a difference, to others and also to me. The universe granted me more than what Iwished for, in the form of Nethrodaya, as it remains one of the best opportunities I havereceived in my life. One of the primary reasons I say this is that no achievement or award that I have received so far has come close to giving me the satisfaction that comes from seeing the happiness on the faces of these Visually Impaired Students once they have understood a concept; or the determination on their faces when I motivate them to do a difficult task; or the way they say "Thank you" every time they do something they previously thought was impossible. Another thing that has to be mentioned about Nethrodaya is the inspiring presence of the founder Mr. Govindakrishnan and his wife, Mrs. Usha, both of whom strive very hard to create a familial environment and both show you that no matter what obstacle you face, determination, a hint of kindness and a good heart can take you a long way. While it is an amazing thing to donate a part of your earnings, for those of us who are not in a position to do so but want to help, spending some of your time for voluntary activities such as the work of scribes, or helping with the recording of study materials, or reading out of the text materials to the students is a great way to give back to the community. We have many
retired officials who chose to spend their evenings reading or coaching our students. So, if you are someone who is looking to find the more enchanting aspects of life, or someone who wants to be there for other people, or someone who wants to know how beautiful you can be, I would like to suggest that you spend some time helping out in any way you can. After all,  Isn't time the most valuable thing one can spend?

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Thiru. M.V.M. Velmurugan of Velammal Educational Trust who has been sponsoring cash prizes for the past several years and fond association with Nethrodaya family and expresses his unconditional support as a volunteer of Nethrodaya. 

Thiru Unni Menon, the renowned playback singer has been an integral part of Nethrodaya for the last 15 years. He prides about the happiness that he derives from Nethrodaya and wishes well for the Nethrodaya family.


Thirumathi. Anuradha Sriram, yet another popular Playback singer and well wisher of Nethrodaya said, she continues to draw lots of inspiration with positive learnings every time she visits Nethrodaya.


Thiru.Syed Sajjad Ali, M.D. - ES India, Eaton Power Quality Pvt. Ltd, expresses his Pleasure to be associated with Nethrodaya and for all its future endeavours.

Mr. Viswanathan

While most of the retired persons confront the emptiness in their lives by spending time with their grandchildren, visiting temples, and as a last resort watching television for hours, Mr.Viswanathan took this as a golden opportunity to serve society by helping the visually challenged children of Nethrodaya. He has been rendering invaluable service to Nethrodaya and is only a telephone call away, ever ready to serve the visually challenged with a smiling face. We salute the senior citizen for his sincere and committed service and also thank him for sharing his valuable time, wisdom, and experience with our children.

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