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Out Reach Services
Educational Aids to Children of the Visually Impaired:

Mr. Ragu lost his eye sight when he was studying B.Com. He was fortunate to meet and marry a lady with eye sight and the couple is blessed with two daughters with perfect sight. Extreme poverty pushed him to admit both the daughters in an orphanage, even though he wanted to give them quality education. The experience at the orphanage was so bad he wanted to take them out of the orphanage and wanted to admit them in English medium private school as Government schools near his place do not have English medium. He preferred English medium as he thought that it will fetch them good jobs without much difficulty. But he was not in a position to afford to pay the fees. He came to know about the scheme of providing support for education of children of visually impaired parents, being offered by Nethrodaya. Nethrodaya has been paying the school fees of both his daughters for the past 3 years. His daughter Rahul Devi, studying in 11th standard has an ambition to become an Eye surgeon which is also the dream of the family.


Nethrodaya has been supporting not only the education of the visually impaired but also supporting the education of the children of the visually impaired parents for the past 18 years. Nethrodaya is able to reach out to more than 1650 children.

Audio Study Materials:

“The free audio study material presented to me by Nethrodaya changed my academic performance magically from 50 percentage performance to 74 percent in the 10th.


Public examination 2013” says Mr. Ganesh Kumar, a visually impaired student, hailing from Sivakasi. Ganesh Kumar was born blind and was finding it difficult to prepare for the 10th examination on account of visual impairment, especially in mathematics. He added that repeated listening to the lessons and answers to 5 marks questions gave him immense confidence in understanding and remembering lessons and face the examination with full preparedness and confidence. Apart from reading of texts of lessons, the learned readers have also explained difficult concepts and words and gave clarifications on spellings etc. Nethrodaya is providing free audio study material to more than 5000 Visually Impaired students in Tamil Nadu totally free of cost for the past 18 years.

Free Medical Aid Services 24/7:


Mrs. Selvi, who hails from Madurai, lost her eyesight when she was 3 year old due to small pox. In spite of her visual impairment, she became a graduate due to her determination. She married a visually impaired person and they are blessed with 2 daughters. Her husband left her and she was facing many hardships in bringing up the daughters. She developed hernia in her stomach in 2009 and the disease was progressing. As she was unable to meet the costly expenses for the operation, she was bearing the excruciating pain till 2013. She came to know of the free medical aid service of Nethrodaya. Nethrodaya arranged for her medical examination and surgery in the Hindu mission hospital. After surgery now she is leading a healthy life at her village. Like Selvi, many visually impaired persons who are suffering from various medical ailments have availed free medical services from Nethrodaya for the past 18 years. We are able to reach out to 2500 visually impaired beneficiaries.

As part of the free medical services Nethrodaya also organizes free medical camps and provides monthly medicines in regular basis.

Individual Cattle Rearing Unit scheme for Visually Impaired Rural Families (ICRU):


Uneducated visually impaired adults in the rural areas are considered as a liability to their families as they are unable to find jobs to earn and contribute to their families. As a result, they have to face disrespect, isolation and loss of self esteem. In order to address this issue, Nethrodaya formulated and has been implementing an unique scheme for providing a hybrid milk cow with a female calf to the visually impaired persons in the rural areas, completely free of cost which will provide a steady and decent income to the family. Many unemployed and illiterate visually impaired persons from interior villages have benefitted from this value addition scheme which has enabled them to gain respect, acceptance and social recognition. For the past 18 years, we were able to reach out to 140 poor visually impaired families. 

45 year old Moorthy from Kandamanallur village, near Ginjee, a born blind was living life of despair and isolation as he was not able to earn and contribute to the family as he was not educated. He lost his parents at very early and is living with his brother. Nethrodaya team met Moorthy at his village and provided him with hybrid cow and female calf. With the income generated from the cow unit, Moorthy is now able to support himself is also supporting his brother and has become a respected man in the village. Nethrodaya has been supporting many such visually impaired persons like Mr. Moorthy to live a dignified life.

Self employment:


Many visually impaired persons are engaged in selling small marketable products in the suburban train in Chennai by way of self employment. Many visually impaired persons, desirous of staring this business, were unable to meet the seed capital for commencing this business. If these persons are not successful in getting the initial capital, they may be pushed to begging as a last resort. Nethrodaya has a regular program of identifying visually impaired persons in need of seed capital for this business and providing them with a business kit containing marketable products worth Rs 5000 as seed capital, completely free of cost. This regular service has helped many visually impaired persons to start the business immediately without resorting to begging. For the 18 years Nethrodaya is able to provide seed capital for 6000 visually impaired persons for their self employment.

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