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Commercial Projects

Nethrodaya founded in 2002, is a social service institution founded by a visually challenged person to serve the visually challenged and physically challenged community. Nethrodaya provides free higher secondary residential school and also runs free Special B.Ed College for the poor disabled students [both boys and girls]. Nethrodaya is recognized by the Government of Tamil Nadu and approved by Government of India ( Rehabilitation Council of India).


Providing Free monthly ration for visually impaired poor families

Nethrodaya provides free ration for the poor visually impaired families every month.


Death with dignity

Nethrodaya's 20 year old journey has been an incredible one, with new iniatives being launched year on year to empower and enhance the lives of the differently abled and visually impaired. On these lines Nethrodaya launched a unique scheme “Death with Dignity” in all the 32 districts of Tamil Nadu. We strongly believe that the death of visually impaired person has to be treated with utmost dignity with decent cremation/burial. Due to lack of family support and poverty most of them are unable to perform the last rites of their loved ones who are also visually impaired. With this initiative now they will be able to perform the final rites and funeral of their deceased loved ones and give them a respectful and dignified final farewell. General public who are economically poor with visually impaired people in their families can reach out to Nethrodaya to avail this timely service in the time of grief.


Nethrodaya's self-employment schemes for the poor visually challenged familiesme

Visually impaired women are the most vulnerable and highly neglected section in the society. In spite of all the hurdles and discriminations they are subjected to, in the society and in the families, many of the visually impaired women take care of their children and their entirefamilies by engaging in small-scale businesses. We , at Nethrodaya identify the most vulnerable and highly committed visually impaired women from the interior districts of Tamil Nadu every year. Visually Impaired men who resort to begging are also benefited with seed investment and counselling. In the past 17 years more than 3000 Visually Impaired people have been benefited by this scheme.


Assistance to Educate the Children of poor Visually Challenged Parents

The sighted children of visually impaired parents need quality education in order to find a bright future as well as to take care of their parents later in their life. Nethrodaya devised a scheme to fund for the education of the children of visually impaired parents. This initiative was supported by Saritha Jain Foundation. Thousands of such children, who are sighted, have benefited from this scheme, because of which their poor visually impaired parents have been relieved off their burden to pay the school fees. Nethrodaya wishes to dispel the myth that Visually Impaired couple give birth to only Visually Impaired Children. On the contrary, the heartening fact is that visually impaired couple can give birth to healthy sighted children.


Medical Helpline

Access to timely and quality medical facilities is provided by Nethrodaya for the accident victims and cases of prolonged physical ailments. Thousands of Visually Impaired persons have been able to get Quality Treatment and Proper Medication in crucial times through Nethrodaya's Medical Helpline completely Free of Cost. The 24/7 Free Medical Helpline has helped several Differently Abled people get access to Medical Amenities, Surgeries, Timely Medication etc., and continues to serve the people till date.

Individual Cattle Rearing Unit forthe Poor Visually Challenged Families

While Visual Impairment creates many challenges for any person, blindness coupled with poverty, illiteracy and rural background leaves the person devoid of any chance of survival. Nethrodaya identifies such families of the Visually Impaired in rural areas and provides them with a Hybrid Cow and Calf. The Cow is purchased under the supervision of Cattle Experts and Experienced Locals. Credible Milk procurers are identified in the villages by Nethrodaya. Field visits are conducted periodically to ascertain the proper maintenance of Cows and proper benefit to the Visually Impaired families. A Cow is not only an Asset, it has become the source of survival for hundreds of Visually Impaired Families through this Scheme. 

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