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Initiatives by Nethrodaya

Nethrodaya felicitates visually impaired persons who have made an indelible mark in their respective professions. These awards present to the world the great men and women who have had the courage to look at disabilities from a different perspective. Nethrodaya has instituted some unique awards: for best parents; best farmers; and best couple.

Initiatives by Nethrodaya


Aids and appliances to the visually impaired

Nethrodaya provides free white canes to the visually impaired persons who submit the copy of the national disability identity cards. 


Compilation of Government orders and free distribution

Nethrodaya also released a book let comprising of all orders of Government with regard to disability and distributed the copies to all the visually impaired ,completely free of cost.


Legal Aid to the Differently abled

i)Nethrodaya regularly organizes workshops for the differently abled students to sensitize them about the rights under various Acts.

ii) Nethrodaya arranges for free legal aid and counseling to the visually impaired  with the support of eminent lawyers.

iii) Nethrodaya takes up the cases to protect their legitimate rights in the courts of law. 


Shelter for the shelter less

Visually impaired persons who have no residential facilities of their own look for rented houses . It is very difficult for the visually impaired to get rented accommodation and the advance to be paid is very high .Many visually impaired have to stay in pavements Nethrodaya identified the pressing need for reasonable accommodation and has been providing initial advance rent as grant in respect of many visually impaired families. 

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