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Outreach Activities

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Cow Project

While visual impairment creates many challenges for any person, blindness coupled with
poverty, illiteracy, and rural background leaves the person devoid of any chances of


Nethrodaya identifies such families in rural areas and provides them with a cow and a
female calf. The cow is purchased under the supervision of cattle experts and experienced localities. As the cows are insured, families feel safe. Credible milk procurers are identified in the villages by Nethrodaya. Field visits are conducted periodically to ascertain the proper maintenance of cows. The cow is not only an asset now, it has also become the source of survival for hundreds of visually impaired families. Through this project, in the past 21 years, more than 400 Families have benefitted from all 38 districts of Tamil Nadu.
One such family is Krishnan, who is illiterate and visually impaired, hailing from a remote
village the in Dindigul district. He had no source of income. He has two kids and was unable to look after his family. Nethrodaya provided a cow and a female calf to his family. The new source of livelihood changed life for the family, who now feel secure with a stable income in their pockets.

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Nethrodaya’s Selfemployment schemes for the Visually Challenged People

Initiated 21 Years ago, this scheme aims to provide a way of livelihood for the families of the visually challenged, by providing them with Seed Capital in the form of Marketable Products. These Products can be sold in the Suburban Train Network. This paves way for the visually challenged to make a sustainable monthly income and lead a dignified life. This noble scheme, with the objective of preventing the visually challenged from begging, hashelped over 3000 visually impaired persons over the years

Assistance to Educate the Children of Visually Challenged Parents

The sighted children of visually impaired parents need good quality education to plan their future and take care of their parents in their old age. Nethrodaya devised a scheme to fund the education of children of visually impaired parents. Thousands of such children, who are sighted, have benefited from this scheme, easing the burden of school fees on their visually impaired parents.
Nethrodaya wishes to dispel the myth that visually impaired couples give birth only to
visually impaired children. On the contrary, the heartening fact is that visually impaired
couples can give birth to healthy, sighted children.

Vasantha, a visually impaired lady lost her husband and was unable to educate her
daughter due to poverty. She learnt about the scheme and applied for assistance.
Nethrodaya paid for her daughter’s fee in class 12 and encouraged her to pursue
graduation against all obstacles. Her daughter, Indhuja, aims to become a Chartered
Accountant and take care of her mother in her old age.

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Nethrodaya provides seed capital to Mr. Vijay, a Visually Impaired from Theni which will enable him to look after his children and his old parents.

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Monthly Free Grocery Distribution Scheme:

There are Visually Impaired families who are unable to feed their Children three times a day  due to their poverty. In order to address this problem Nethrodaya provides free Groceries on monthly basis. This initiative has benefitted many such families.

Aids and appliances to the visually impaired

Nethrodaya provides free white canes to the visually impaired persons who submit the copy of the national disability identity cards.

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Legal Aid to the Differently abled

i)Nethrodaya regularly organizes workshops for the differently abled students to sensitize them about the rights under various Acts.

ii) Nethrodaya arranges for free legal aid and counseling to the visually impaired with the support of eminent lawyers.

iii) Nethrodaya takes up the cases to protect their legitimate rights in the courts of law.


So happy Yadesh Kutti is Back, Nethrodaya approaches the Hon'ble High Court of Madras to rescue a Visually Impaired boy and successfully hands over the custody to his mother. We wholeheartedly thank Mr. R. Prabhakaran, Senior Advocate Supreme Court, for volunteering to take out time to appear in the above case in spite of his busy schedule and obtaining a favorable order.

Nethrodaya’s Free Medical Helpline

Through its 24/7 Medical Help Line Nethrodaya provides timely and quality medical
assistance to visually impaired and physically challenged persons who are suffering from
various medical ailments, free of cost. Our helpline has come in very useful during need and over thousand visually impaired persons have benefitted from this service. Launched in 2004, the helpline is backed by a committed, hard-working team of volunteers and
professionals, who pledge to serve those in need immediately.
“Amma, can you hear me?” could be a normal, day-to-day phrase in a conversation
between any mother and child. But for us at Nethrodaya, it is a memorable moment filled with emotions, as our student, Komalnath, 17 years old boy with vision and hearing
impairment, was able to hear his mother reply to his question for the first time! The medical team worked tirelessly to identify the right hearing aid for him and today, Komalnath canrecognise the voices of all his loved ones. This gift of hearing has opened up a world of experience and possibilities for this hardworking young student of class 11, preparing for his board exams at Nethrodaya’s Free Residential Special School.

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Death with Dignity

Nethrodaya launched a unique scheme “Death with Dignity” in all 38 districts of Tamil Nadu. We strongly believe that the death of visually impaired persons must be treated with utmost dignity, with decent cremation/burial. Due to lack of family support and poverty, most of them are unable to perform the last rites of their loved ones who are also visually impaired. With financial assistance through the scheme, they will now be able to perform the final rites and funeral of their deceased loved ones and give them a respectful farewell.

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