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2002 - Establishment of a Free Hostel for Visually Impaired college students

Visually impaired boys & girls approach city colleges to pursue their higher education. After admission, they are denied boarding & lodging facilities due to their poverty. Nethrodaya identified this pressing need and established a free residential facility for underprivileged visually impaired students who hail from remote villages of Tamil Nadu. More than 2,000 students have benefitted from this initiative.

2003 - Establishment of an Exclusive Computer Training Centre

The visually impaired have been deprived of part-time computer training programs for many decades. Nethrodaya identified this much-felt need and understood the potential this skill had in widening the range of opportunities for the visually impaired. Nethrodaya’s Computer Training Centre, exclusively catering to the visually impaired students has been a boon to them and has benefitted more than 1,000 students so far. Students also use the centre for browsing services after college hours.

1. Launch of an Exclusive Medical Help Line for the Visually Impaired

To provide 24X7 quality medical services for the underprivileged visually impaired, Nethrodaya launched a cost-free helpline 044-26533680. The helpline has received more than 1,500 calls and provided medical care to more than 1,000 Visually Impaired.

2. Creation of Audio Study Material for the Visually Impaired

The visually impaired relied on Braille textbooks for many decades. They undergo tremendous stress due to the non-availability of Braille textbooks in schools and colleges. A path-breaking initiative was taken by Nethrodaya to address the immediate need by launching Audio Study Material for the underprivileged visually impaired children who pursue their education in various districts of Tamil Nadu. 8,000 Audio Books have been distributed so far, free of cost

3. Self-Employment Scheme:

This scheme provides seed capital to families of unemployed visually impaired persons, whose day-to-day survival proves to be a huge challenge. Nethrodaya procures and distributes marketable products to visually impaired persons who then sell them in trains and earn a living on a daily basis. The beneficiaries feel motivated and independent, and strive to do better every day.

4. Supporting the Children of Visually Impaired Parents:

Nethrodaya devised a scheme to fund the education of the children of Visually Impaired parents. These sighted children of visually impaired parents not only get to complete their education unhindered but also grow to be sensitive caretakers of their parents.

1. Allotment of Land – GO No. 748

The Government of Tamil Nadu issued a Historic GO No. 748 dated 20.11.2006 for allotment of land to Nethrodaya towards establishing State of the Art Resource Centre for educating economically backward differently-abled students from remote villages of Tamil Nadu.

2. Cow Project

Launched in 2006, the scheme provides families of visually impaired persons with a Cow and a Calf. The livestock given free of cost helps economically backward families to get a stable income and lead their life with self-esteem.

2009 - Inauguration of State of Art Infrastructure facility for Differently Abled:

Foundation stone was laid in 2008 and state of art barrier-free building was inaugurated in 2009 towards educating Differently Abled, underprivileged students of Tamil Nadu.

2012 - Establishment of Free Residential Higher Secondary Special School

A Government recognised Free Residential Special School for the Visually Impaired and Physically Challenged for both boys & girls was inaugurated in 2012.

2015 - Nethrodaya College of Special Education

Nethrodaya College of Special Education was inaugurated in the year 2015. It is recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India and affiliated to Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University. It provides free admission to visually impaired and orthopedically disabled boys and girls from poor families, completely free-of-cost

2018 - Death with Dignity

The scheme was launched in 2018, in all 38 districts of Tamil Nadu. Nethrodaya believes that the death of visually impaired persons must be treated with dignity, assuring a decent cremation/burial. Due to lack of family support and poverty, most of them are unable to perform the last rites for their loved ones who are visually impaired. With this initiative, they will now be able to perform the final rites and funeral of their loved ones, giving them a dignified final farewell.

Establishment of an Exclusive Fitness Centre

The first-of-its-kind exclusive Fitness Centre for the differently abled was inaugurated in the year 2022, setting new norms in encouraging independence and accessibility for the differently abled community in Tamil Nadu.

Monthly Free Grocery Scheme

Nethrodaya provides free monthly groceries to families of visually impaired persons who are unable to make ends meet due to poverty. 200 families have benefitted from this scheme so far.

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